Legacy: Fables

What if instead of watching or reading a story, you could actually be in one?! Get ready to travel to a different time and enter a world where you’re the hero and you live the adventure!
Come visit Legacy Fables Adventure Studio for an immersive storytelling experience. You’ll be able to embark with friends and family on an adventure guided by a skilled storyteller surrounded by an authentic ambiance of sight and sound that will make it easy to leave the everyday world behind!

Bouncin Bins is an Immersive and Interactive ‘Pay to Play’ experience that is fun for Patrons of all ages. Here you will have a few fun choices of activities to choose from. Maybe one might wish to attempt to summit the mighty wall of rock so that you might defeat that nasty ole dragon that has been pestering the great folk of the Faire. Or maybe you might feel in a lighter mood and wish to experience what the Fairies feel with the Bungie Trampoline and breach the sky. Or maybe wish to enter a Knightly battle and put your strength and cunning to the test with the Knock Off Your Head game. Whatever it may be, these games will supply you and your clan hours of enjoyment.

Raising Education through Arts, Characters, and Heroes (REACH) is a registered 501c3, non-profit organization for educational support. We run an interactive educational programs in various schools around the state, teaching Anti-Bullying, Literacy, History and Art. All of our educational programs are done in full costume, whether it be a Character costumes or that of a Hero. Come visit our Pirate Ships and meet some of our volunteers.


A family farm dedicated to serving the community through wholesome food, educational activities, and kindness. Come over and visit and learn about our animals and our farm.