Did you know that Fairies come in all shapes, colors, and sizes? We have just found out that Fairies from all the realms are planning to come to the Utah Renaissance Faire and celebrate together! 
Fairies are each special, just like people! And some have special gifts, like Opal the Fairy. Did you know she doesn’t speak with her mouth? Only with her hands! She speaks ASL! So if you have someone special that speaks ASL, come to the Faire and look for her. We also have a beautiful snow/ice fairy who was born with just one wing! So she can only fly in circles. But she turned that into a talent! You know the spirals and bubbles that show up in ice? SHE makes those! Because she can fly in such tight circles!
But watch out for the Fairy Smasher! The fairies need all the children to help them defeat the Fairy Smasher!  Come to the Utah Renaissance Faire and find out how to be the hero of your own story and help the fairies! Come see the Sea Fairies, or the Art Fairies, and you might even catch a glimpse of the King and Queen Fairies of one of the realms!