FAQ / Rules

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions / Rules below.

If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, contact us and we can add it to the list.

Do you allow alcohol use or sell alcohol on site?



The space where the event is held is rented from Thanksgiving Point and they do not allow alcohol on this particular property.

Their policy states, “Violators of the alcohol policies will be subject to a fine of $125 per occurrence and any alcohol will be confiscated. Thanksgiving Point reserves the right to ask any guest in violation of the alcohol policy to leave the premises.”

Can I smoke / vape at the faire?



The space where the event is held is rented from Thanksgiving Point and they do not allow smoking / vaping on this particular property. Their policy states: “Thanksgiving Point is in compliance with the Utah Clean Air Act and does not allow smoking withing 25 feet of any building or in any Gardens.” Our location counts as a garden in their policy.

Can I bring my historical weapon?



We have many guests who bring historical weapons of all kinds. If you want to bring yours please bear in mind that we are a family faire and there are thousands of children running around at the event. If you have exposed sharp or otherwise dangerous parts to your weapon that cannot be covered up and made safe, we will need to have you leave them in your vehicle or at our office for safe keeping.

Is the park wheelchair accessible?



The venue is an 11 acre, fenced park with grass fields, cement and asphalt walkways, and a large metal pavilion near the center. It is nearly all flat (aside from the small knolls that border the park) and our events are wheelchair accessible throughout. There are 3 gatehouses and each of them have ADA compliant bathrooms with multiple stalls and changing tables. In the park there are water drinking fountains, with the ability to connect water hoses, located near the gatehouses and the large metal pavilion. We do not have wheelchairs for rent.

Do I have to wear a costume?



You are not required to wear a costume as a visitor to our faire. Our staff, volunteers, vendors, artisans, entertainers, etc are required to wear costumes though.

What types of costumes are theme appropriate?


The Utah Renaissance Faire encourages and welcomes the following costumes:
1. Elizabethan and Tudor era
2. Shakespearean
3. Norse / Vikings
4. Italian Renaissance
5. Pirates
6. European medieval times
7. Scottish
8. Musketeers
9. Celtic
10. Marco Polo era Asia
11. Peasants
12. Fairy folk
13. Mermaids
14. Dragons

What types of costumes are NOT theme appropriate?


Street clothes are OK. However if you are going to dress up please see the question above for period/theme guidelines. The following themes wouldn't be a good a fit for the atmosphere of our renaissance faire:

1. Steampunk
2. Cowboys / 1800's / Victorian
3. Early Americas or Colonial
4. Harry Potter
5. Vampires
6. Furries
7. Modern History
8. Futuristic / SciFi / Star Trek / Star Wars / Time Traveler
9. Roman Centurion / Greek Toga / 1 AD - 50 AD time era
10. Dr. Who
11. Anime
12. Comic Book / Super Hero
13. Assassins Creed
14. Hunger Games

If you are dressed in one of these, we won't make you leave or go get changed.

Are guests allowed to collect tips or represent themselves as part of the faire?



At the Utah Renaissance Faire, we have quite a few regular guests who come almost every year, wearing elaborate costumes and playing a character. We encourage that. The more folks who are dressed up and playing along, the more fun everyone has. Cosplay of this type is not a problem at all.

The only busking (asking for or receiving tips), that is permitted, is by our registered entertainers. If you wish to join us as a registered entertainer, please go to our Participation page found in the site navigation menu above.

Are you open during bad weather?



We are a rain or shine event.