FAQ / Rules

Where and when is the faire?

We are currently working on getting a new venue so please check back later for where the Utah Renaissance Faire will be held!

The Utah Renaissance Faire will take place August 25th-26th from 10 am to 8 pm!

Do you allow alcohol use or sell alcohol on site?


Can I smoke / vape at the fair?


Are you open during bad weather?


We are a rain or shine event!

Are Guests allowed to collect tips or represent themselves as part of the faire?


At the Utah Renaissance Faire, we have quite a few regular guests who come almost every year, wearing elaborate costumes and playing a character. We encourage that. The more folks who are dressed up and playing along, the more fun everyone has. Cosplay of this type is not a problem at all.

The only busking (asking for or receiving tips), that is permitted, is by our registered entertainers. If you wish to join us as a registered entertainer, please go to our Participation page found in the site navigation menu above!

Can I bring my historical weapon?


We have many guests who bring historical weapons of all kinds. If you want to bring yours please bear in mind that we are a family faire and there are thousands of children running around at the event. If you have exposed sharp or otherwise dangerous parts to your weapon that cannot be covered up and made safe, we will need to have you leave them in your vehicle or at our office for safe keeping. All weapons must be sheathed and/or peace-tied while in the park.

Is the park wheelchair accessible?


Do I have to wear a costume?


You are not required to wear a costume as a visitor to our faire. Our staff, volunteers, vendors, artisans, entertainers, etc are required to wear costumes though.

Any Questions?

Email us at info@utahrenaissancefaire.com or click here to contact us.