The faire has changed the way merchants are admitted to the event to make it easier on you. First, let’s talk about our theme:

  1. Here is the short version of theme guide:
    • Period: 700 AD to 1720 AD
    • Includes from fantasy: Mermaids, Fairies, Dragons, Wizards (Merlin type).
    • Does not include: Romans, Victorian
    • Notable disallowed items: Top hats, t-shirts, shorts.
    • Music: Medieval and Renaissance themed only
    • The long version can be found on our website in the FAQ page.
  2. Please fill out the appropriate form under the Get Involved Tab or at the bottom of this page
  3. Any questions please email

Vendor Applications

If you wish to join us, please visit the “Get Involved” tab on our home page or visit the links below to fill out a short survey.

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