Rain or shine, Friday and Saturday, August 23rd and 24th 10am - 8pm

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Utah Renaissance Faire is a registed 501c3 non-profit.

If you are instrested in sponsoring our annual two day event, please read below for more information.

This renaissance faire has:
  • A strong local following

    We have regular guests and participants that have been with us from our earliest years.

  • Families come together

    Our extremely popular, and inexpensive, family pass, allows our guests to bring their whole family at a greatly discounted rate.

  • Over 8000 annual guests

    In 2017 we had ticket sales plus the estimated number of free children and other participants of the faire, totaling approximately 8000 people.

  • Guests that spend multiple hours in the park

    It’s an educational and entertaining Renaissance event with many different things to do and see so our guests spend most of the day in the park viewing the various booths, exhibits, and shows.

  • School Day with about 1200 children

    We have a special deal where school age children can come attend the Renaissance faire for just $4 on Friday.

Why you should partner with us:
  • Revenue potential of $1.5 to $4.5 million with 72,000 to 180,000 annual guests

    We don’t plan to stay a two day event forever. The Minnesota Renaissance Festival, a multiple weekend event, gets annual attendance of 300,000 guests in an area with 3.8 million people. That’s almost 8 percent of the local population that attends. At $21.95 per ticket that puts them at and estimated revenue of $6.6 million a year not counting revenue from sales of food and drink.

    If our event expanded to be like theirs with multiple weekends and an attendance of a more modest 3 percent of the local population of 2.4 million, that puts us at 72,000 annual guests. If we charge the same amount that they do, we could earn close to $1.5 million in annual revenue.

    If we got 8 percent of the local population, with 192,000 guests, our revenue would be closer to $4.2 million

  • Focused attention of thousands

    Our most poplular event, the joust, draws nearly the entire park to one location, twice a day for about 40 minutes.

  • Widespread exposure

    Our reach extends beyond the event itself. We attend and promote at many events thoughout the state. We participate in holiday parades.

  • Niche market

    Most people attend the Renaissance faire because they share common interests and they enjoy what we have to offer.

  • Help school kids learn and have fun without the “screens”

    Kids these days get too much screentime. We help them see how fun things were back in the Renaissance and Medieval times.

Available opportunities:

If there is something more or different that you have in mind, and it isn’t on this list, please tell us! We are open to any good ideas.

  • Sponsored areas in the park

    We have many areas, like the joust area, with fixed costs. We could have the jousting or other areas named for your company with signs and banners with your logo.

  • Website placement

    Our website is fully customizable by our seasoned web developer.

  • Event wide

    Our event wishes to grow beyond the confines of the limted space that we currently use. An event wide sponsor would allow us to use our funds grow into a more permanent home that we can customize and turn into a truly magical and immersive exprience.

  • Promotional materials

    Coupons, fliers, posters, banners, etc.

  • Become a ticket outlet

    Turn your business into a ticket outlet for the Utah Renaissance Faire. Other Renaissance faires across the country do this and have great results for both parties.