The administrative staff of the Utah Renaissance Faire, August 28th and 29th, would like to update everyone on our plan for this year regarding the COVID-19 plague.

The faire is a mass gathering with events like jousting, music concerts, armored combat, puppet shows for kids, old world food booths, etc. It is not an event that can easily do social distancing with the limited space that we have inside of performance spaces/tents, around the joust field, and within merchant booths.

The state of Utah has a four phase, color coded, plan for restoring operations and things like mass gathering events like ours. We believe that once that state is in the last phase, the green phase, that we will be able to hold the event as we normally would and probably the only change would be asking that individuals who are high risk or sick stay home. The official documentation from the state of Utah says, when in the green phase: “Large groups allowed. Mass gatherings follow proper safety procedures & precautions for monitoring symptoms.”

If the state has not progressed to the green phase by July 26th, 2020 we will have these options at our disposal:
1. Postpone to a later time in 2020 when the state is back in the green and extend tickets to those dates.
2. Postpone to 2021 and extend tickets.

In both cases if a customer has a conflict with those dates we would be okay with refunding the cost of their ticket because we understand plans change.

Our hope is that we will be in the green much sooner than expected and that the event will be a jubilant occasion to celebrate the end of the plague together with song and dance!

People watching the Knights of Mayhem joust