Witchscription sells tarot cards and other witchy items, as well as do tarot readings.

At Wuggins Inc. we sell one-of-a-kind jewelry, hair chains and body jewelry. A piece is never duplicated. These unique pieces range from Renaissance themed, to Mermaid, Pirate, Viking and everything in between. I work with velvet to weave it through the high quality chain. I also work with stone to create beautiful, quality pieces.

My Happy Viking specializes in high end custom tumblers and one of a kind hand turned bowls. We also make resin keychains, wooden bowls/plates and other resin/wood products. Every piece is unique just like their creators!

We sell beautiful crystals and gemstones from all around the world that we handpick as well as handmade crystal silversmith jewelry.  Everything is either made by us or hand selected by us with the utmost intention and care.

Du Puy Creations offers historical Furniture, Fine Fiber Tools, and Musical Instruments.

At the Grey Tavern we sell authentic-looking Dragon Artifacts such as Eggs, Scale Pendants, Fang Talismans and more. Our brand is magical, inviting and definitely high-fantasy. Our products are segmented by dragon “Elements” that are meant to resonate with all kinds of people. A few examples of our Dragon Elements are: Volcanic, Fey, Balefire, Glacial and Gold (to name a few). For each element there are 3-6 Scale types, Eggs, and Teeth to browse from – all cast in resin, hand painted, and in many cases mounted on either chain or leather.

At the Guided Light and Live we sell bath products: bath bombs, bath salts, body scrubs, and shower melts/bombs. We only use all natural ingredients so as to provide you with a relaxing, soothing and healing experience for your mind, body and spirit!

At White Lake Farms we sell only pure raw honey from Utah’s Wasatch Front. When you purchase honey from White Lake Farms, you can rest assured that it is from conscientious bee keepers. Our honey bees are raised with environmentally friendly practices. Because a hive needs a large gathering area to produce well, we try to find the most suitable locations with the least amount of environmental impact around. We have a passion for preserving the many natural health benefits of honey. By not filtering our honey and not heating it above 118 degrees, it retains these health benefits.  So come visit our booth and get a taste of Utah

Oak trees symbolized a spiritual door between worlds, according to Ancient Druids. What a better way to make autumn decor? That is what The Conjuring Tree represents. With the power of the Great Oak we hand craft and make all kinds of Candles, Crafts & Curiosities.