About Us

The Utah Renaissance Faire was established in 2011 and is part of the Utah Valley Fine Arts Council. Both non-profit organizations strive to create family-friendly experiences with the arts and history, as well as support local artisans and entertainers. 

The Utah Renaissance Faire focuses on entertainment, hands-on experiences, and education for all ages. We want participants to step back into another time and experience life, culture, history, and chivalry, bringing understanding and appreciation for the cultural heritage created during the Renaissance.

We are grateful and proud of the partnerships that have been forged through the years with so many stellar organizations that have similar goals, such as the Vikings of Utah, Charlie Andrews and the Knights of Mayhem, The House of Tudor, Wasatch Forge, and so many others. It is truly a collaborative event!

Now in our tenth year, our growth has been steady and strong and we have now outgrown our current location at Thanksgiving Point. We are currently looking for a permanent location where we can build roots and run activities all year round! We have great plans we hope to unveil soon! If you are interested in contributing or helping us with this endeavor, please email our Associate Director at erin@utahrenaissancefaire.com.