Knights of Mayhem


Charlie and his Knights Of Mayhem instantly stir up excitement amongst the crowds, who watch with eager delight and anticipation from the edge of their seats. The Knights put on an incredible show and afterwards the fans rush to meet their favorite Knight, get autographs, pictures and even a rose! Fans are given an opportunity to take a ride on one of their well trained magnificent horses, led by the Captain of the war horses, Jagermeister.


Grassroots Shakespeare

Evening Theater

Grassroots Shakespeare Company is a collaborative touring ensemble of multidisciplinary artists who create joyous, vibrant productions inspired by Shakespeare's original staging techniques. Through open-air performances, interactive workshops, and scholarly events, they produce and promote genuinely engaging, popular, and relevant theatre.


Stary Olsa

Special Musical Guests

Stary Olsa is a medieval Belarusian music band. It was founded in 1999 by its present leader Zmicier Sasnoŭski and now consists of six musicians. Stary Olsa gained its popularity in Belarus, Europe and CIS countries. The fans and subscribers of their official pages come from all over the world. Every day in social networks and emails they would get exciting feedback from their fans with just one question: "When are you coming to the USA?" The video below is from their recent Kickstarter project which successfully raised $29,891 USD with 1,037 backers. The album comes out in August 2016!

Check out some of their medieval covers here here!


Armored Combat League: USA Knights

Live Steel Battle

Full Force, Full Speed, Full Contact, and All Real.


House Teasdale's Feast

VIP Jousting and Feast

Buy a VIP pass ahead of time! These do sell out quickly as we only have room for 80 VIP guests. If you're lucky enough to have a ticket: come in at 5:30pm for preferred seating at the last joust of the day and then feast in the large tent with the House Teasdale, Stary Olsa, King Olaf, and the Knights of Mayhem! There will be plenty of food, great music, and fun. Tickets on sale now.

This is a separate ticket from the renfaire and does not include General Admission to the faire until 5:30pm.

Friday Tickets

Saturday Tickets


Bards and Nobles

Utah Music Group

We are a renaissance singing group that enjoys singing a variety of tunes ranging from Celtic to Irish, Some pirate and folk songs. We have participated in the Utah Renaissance and Fantasy Faire, Grand Junction's Ravenshire Faire and The Las Vegas Renaissance Faire. We have performed at Relief Society functions and Christmas Parties. We love singing and performing for our own enjoyment as well as others. We like including the Bodhran(Celtic Drum), The guitar, and Tambourine to enliven our songs. We like changing our look as well from Nobles to mere Bards. Kirkmount Idlywilde


King Olaf

The Viking King


House Of Tudor

Premier renaissance guild.

The House of Tudor is a Royal Court Guild that portrays historical persons from the reign of King Henry VIII through Queen Elizabeth I. The House Of Tudor was dreamed up by Faire Queen Elizabeth, a Utah local character actress who wanted to bring others interested in to perform, entertain and teach the history of the royal Tudor family from Henry VIII through Elizabeth I. The guild provides historical royalty and nobility from the Tudor era (1500s), educating on Tudor history and encouraging fun at Renaissance Faires throughout UT, ID & CO.


Skymasters Wildlife Foundation

Birds of Prey

Skymasters Wildlife Foundation was founded by Ben Woodruff in the Salt Lake City area. They showcase birds of prey, other birds, and animals for the benefit of education and outreach to the community. Many of these birds are not available to view up close in the wild.


Captain Lefty

Pirate Show

Fire, guns, knives, and COMEDY! Captain Lefty and his lovely Gypsy Princess have an exciting, amazing, cheeky, and funny pirate act that you will love!


David Belt

Living History

David Belt is a faire fan favorite! He uses his signature panache to teach about weapons, armor, and medieval military history.


Court of the Elven Fae

Magic ♦ Wonder ♦ Enchantment

From their website:
"Court of the Elven Fae is an elite character performing group consisting of all manner of magical folk: fairies, mermaids, elven folk, mythical creatures, and everything in between. Our members are all experienced performers with original characters of their own design. Each takes immense pride in their personal character with superior quality of costume and performance. Our mission is to promote belief in magic, wonder, and enchantment by supporting local events, organizations, or venues of a cultural, educational, or charitable value. We believe in inducing smiles and the light in children's eyes. We believe in promoting love & respect for nature, the world around us, and every living thing in it. We know that every person- no matter the age, ethnicity, gender, or size- can and should follow their dreams. Contact us via email for availability and booking information."


The Wastelands LARP Utah

Live-Action Roleplay

From their Facebook page:
"The Wastelands is a Dark Ages, High Combat, Highly Political Live-Action Roleplaying Game in Utah. Always welcoming new players, we run a quality game with strong atmosphere in a harrowing world. How will The Wave change YOU?"


Guests who are in costume and purchase general admission tickets at the gate receive $2 off!
ALL tickets are good for both days of the faire, except for the VIP tickets. No admission charge for Grassroots Shakespeare's play at 7:00 pm each night. Military discount of 50% is only for tickets bought at the gate and does not apply to the Educational Excursions or the VIP tickets.
Children age 5 and under are free and do not require a ticket.

Family Pass

$25 for up to 6 people
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$12 ages 12 through 64
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$10 with valid ID
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$10 ages 65+
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$8 ages 6-11
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Educational Excursions

$4 per person

Part of our non-profit mission is to allow school children to have the opportunity to come enjoy living history at an affordable price.

  • If you forgot the access code call us and we will tell you over the phone.
  • If you need to buy more than 100 tickets at a time call us.
  • Must be part of a school or homeschool.
  • Must check in on Friday bewteen 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.
  • Wristbands are good for both days if marked at the faire on Friday.
  • Wristbands can be obtained in advance if you contact us after your purchase.
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Registration Forms

Want to join the Utah Renaissance Faire as a Guild, Entertainer, Vendor, Artisan, or Volunteer? If so, please fill out one of the forms below.


Guilds are groups of people that come to the faire for free because they bring something special or exceptional to our event. Guilds are expected to be a full part of the renfaire family. You must have costumes. We want a guild to be able to contribute in some way to the event and here are some things that we are looking for: Royal courts from the around the world, such as Vikings, Italian, Celtic, Spaniards, and Far Eastern. We are also looking for guilds such as, yeoman of the guard, gentlemen adventurers, towne criers, cooks, jesters, dance groups such as dance macabre, puritans, mongers, mercenaries, and equestrians.

We welcome new and creative guild ideas!

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The entertainment is an integral part of the Utah Renaissance Faire. We love our entertainers and we are always looking for new individuals or groups that can keep our guests amazed. If you feel like this is you please contact us!

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We humbly believe that we host a successful event for our vendors so they always leave happy. In 2015 we had an estimated 7000 guests. Even with inclement weather we have drawn nearly 4000 guests.

An exciting new feature this year will be the Marco Polo Silk Road Market and we are looking for vendors that fit this category as well as other categories.

Fill out form

Pay application fee online after approval.


The artisans are another reason our faire is so great. As an artisan you are there to educate, inspire, and enlighten our guests. Artians are usally people like blacksmiths, weavers, luthiers, carpenters, soap makers, bakers, etc. This is not the same thing as a vendor because your primary reason for coming to the event is not to be selling merchandise or goods.

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We are always looking for people to help us throughout the year with planning the event, helping us improve, and raising awareness. In addition, we welcome volunteers for the days of the event. Please let us know your availablity in the form through the link below.

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Gallery of Photos and Videos

2012 Photos

This is when the faire was called the Utah Valley Renaissance Faire and it was the opening year for the event. It was held at Mt. Timpanogos Park in the Provo Canyon.

2013 Photos

This was our first year at Electric Park at Thanksgiving Point. The event was still named the Utah Valley Renaissance Faire. This was the first year with jousting! It rained a bit but we still had a great turn out.

2014 Photos

Second time at Electric Park at Thanksgiving Point. Officially changed the name to Utah Renaissance Faire. It rained again, but we had lots of fun!

2014 Moki, firebreather video 1

2014 Moki, firebreather video 2

2014 Daily Herald video

Fire, Knights and Pirates. Oh my! See 2014 Utah Renaissance Faire.

2014 Lincolnshire video

The faire within a faire.

2014 Pony ride video

2014 Knighting video

King Olaf knights a young man.

2014 Alex Bigney, of Kikrmount, playing the harp video

2014 Armored Combat League video

2015 Photos

Third time at Electric Park at Thanksgiving Point. Hot sunny weather and an amazing turn out!

2015 Rudy van Bree photo album

Photo credits: Rudy van Bree

2015 Artisan Maskers photo album

Photo credits: Artisan Maskers

2015 Marv White photo album

Photo credits: Marv White. These are pictures of the Armored Combat League: USA Knights.

2015 Herald Extra photo album

2015 Heather Ostler video

Video credit: Heather Ostler

2015 Cutting a Cantaloupe in Half video

2015 Jousting video 1

2015 Jousting video 2

About Us

2012 - Established as the Utah Valley Renaissance Faire and founded by Dr. Richard Thurman. The event was held at Mt. Timpanogos Park in the Provo Canyon.

2013 - Brought on Event Coordinator, Spencer Shattuck, and moved to Electric Park at Thanksgiving Point. The event was still named the Utah Valley Renaissance Faire. This was the first year with jousting! It rained a bit but we still had a great turn out.

2014 - Second time at Electric Park at Thanksgiving Point. Officially changed the name to Utah Renaissance Faire. It rained again, but we had lots of fun!

2015 - Third time at Electric Park at Thanksgiving Point. Hot sunny weather and an amazing turn out!

2016 - Come join us this year for great renaissance fun and medieval times!

Utah Valley Fine Arts Council logo

How we got started

The Utah Valley Fine Arts Council was created to support the education of the arts in Utah and Utah Valley in particular. We are accomplishing this through outreach programs to local schools and through our main annual event called the Utah Renaissance Faire. This event provides an educational and recreational experience and includes an extensive artisan village, local entertainers and vendors. We feature the local eight time world champion jouster and captain of the Knights of Mayhem, Charlie Andrews who has been active in several national television networks and has just completed a stint on a new Netflix program. He resides in Eagle Mountain. We also feature the local Shakespearean group, Grassroots Shakespeare and offer free evening performances by their troupe. Our event is growing yearly and is gaining public awareness and momentum.

More things are coming to the website. Check back for updates!